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the itch.io exclusive version of FIGHTERWALL ARCADE (DEMO) is here!

FIGHTERWALL is a 2D shooter where you play as the antivirus system protecting an advanced ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE from a plethora of aggressive VIRUSES.

In this arcade-style demo, your only goal is to accumulate POINTS from destroying VIRUSES. The full game is planned to feature a STORY MODE, including BOSS BATTLES and SYSTEM UPGRADES, as well as NEW WEAPONS.

Players should be encouraged to leave BUG REPORTS, COMMENTS, and to CITE GRIEVANCES at their leisure.

changes in current version (2-8-16):

  • TWEAK: finegled some things to make adding new content in the future way easier
  • TWEAK: changed BEAM and AUTO sounds (feedback appreciated!)
  • preparation shenanigans
  • removed hiatus

notable changes in previous version(s):

  • CONTENT: added a new CREEPY enemy: SKULKER! beware its call..
  • CONTENT: added a new LOVELY enemy: RABBIT! you know what they say..
  • CONTENT: added a new SPICY enemy: the CHAR! hot tamale!
  • CONTENT: added a new WEAPON: AUTO. press 3 to try it out!
  • CONTENT: added new WEAPON: FREEZE. press 4 to try it out!
  • CONTENT: added basic workings of splash screen + main menu
  • CONTENT: added ability to quit to menu/close game by holding ESC
  • CONTENT: high score feature re-added to arcade mode with the added ability to persist between games (however replacing your old updated version will clear the score)
  • BUG: removed THE BLAZE?

IF PAYING, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS NOT A FULL VERSION! HOWEVER, payments will be considered donations and will be appreciated.


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